I'm passionate about web development. I claim being full-stack and I know that's a bigger claim today than it was 10 years ago when you just uploaded some php-files via FTP and was done with it. Today I deploy my sweet RoR-project via Git to Heroku after fixing an Edge case (ha-ha) in Sass.

  • Responsible for web development and the inhouse bureue at Klarna's marketing department.
  • M.Sc. specializing in IT / MDI and technology based business development
  • Entrepreneurial engagement in own and others' projects
Production manager and developer

Mina Bästa Polare – My Best Buddies – is a razor sharp digital agency located in the north of Sweden. We work with everything from global brands to start-ups. Going from a company of a 1000 emplyoees to a company of 8 buddies has taken me closer to what I love. Fun projects, the entrepreneurial spirit, great skiiing and winter. As a production manager and developer I wiggle schedules in one hand in code in the other.


My own little business venture. The entrepreneurial itch came over me again so I started my second small business to be able to do some consulting. Need a site? Let me know.

Stockholm, Sweden
Team leader – Webdevelopment & Inhouse

Klarna is growing extremely fast, as an employee you have to learn quickly and embrace change. In true entrepreneurial spirit I have therefore ended up doing a lot of different stuff while working here. My main task has been heading web development within the marketing department. That includes recruitment, planning, people management and web development. In addition to that I was also responsible for our inhouse agency during a year. I have redesigned entirely, created a number of campaign sites, been a part of building the strategies we use for social media, written copy to ads and started a library for employees. A whole bunch of different and fun projects where no day have been like the other.

Web developer

Mostly front-end programming (HTML,CSS,jQuery) but I also contributed with some object oriented PHP.

Red & Blond
Web developer & managing the books

I worked both independently and in teams. During my time here I among other things ran my own projects, up to a 100 000 SEK, directly towards customers. In addition to working as a developer, I also worked as a financial manager with bookkeeping and payroll services. The job required great flexibility and an ability to quickly read up on different techniques to solve problems.


A private partnership, which was mainly occupied with blog design. It was a great learning experience to take projects from sale to delivery.

Packaging and order picking

Packaging and order picking of medical articles. I also ran a number of projects to improve efficiency of the warehouse outside my regular duties. I worked here between the semesters while studying in Uppsala as well. Need a web developer with the skills to drive forklifts? Here I am!


I got to work at a bunch of industrial companies. It was important to quickly familiarize with various tasks and to work with new people. Did I tell you I can assemble six complete truck front hubs in under 5 minutes? No, well it’s a often used skill in my daily work as a interaction designer.

Uppsala University
Graduated Engineer Computer Science

Studying computer science made me skilled in mathematics, algorithm analysis and quickly (like one a week) learning new programming languages. Studying interaction design made sure all this knowledge could be directed to actually build usable stuff. During my last year of study I topped it of with technology-based business development which has given me an understanding of innovation, marketing and general law.

Jönköping University
Photo retouching in Photoshop

A creative and technical course in photo retouching with Adobe Photoshop.

Gotland University
Vector graphics
Umeå University

A creative course in webdesign.

I5 regiment
Military service

I was in command of a group of 12 people and was had to make sure that we solved our tasks as planned. I got to push my limits and learned to apply situational leadership. Your Kalashnikov has jammed? Let me help you out there.

I was also elected and educated to handle issues related to the psychosocial work environment. Being the voice between average Joe and the ordinary staff officers felt meaningful and was a learning experience. Our motto as rangers was “The quickest, strongest and most humble”.

Other qualifications
Entrepreneurs Academy
Responsible for web and print

Together we organized the annual Anders Wall lecture in entrepreneurship and a case competition for students at Uppsala University. I was mainly responsible for print and web.

Nova 100
A network for students

Following the recommendation, the application and interview, I was admitted to the network that would link the top students with business community.

Uppsala University
Lots – guidance of students

During the fall and winter, I met with 14 freshmans to
assist them during the first period of study.
Study-related and psychosocial issues were discussed.


Music: playing the guitar and piano.
Woodworking: I build furniture, toys and other stuff we need.
Building preservation: We live in a 100 year old house. I’m trying to restore it’s soul.
Web: Yep I love it in my spare time as well.


Wife: We met in university. I later proposed a few minutes after breaking my collar bone during downhill cycling.
Arvid: Oldest son born in 2012. Hides stuff in unexpected places and then forgets about it.
Assar: Born in 2015. Copies everything his big brother does.


Swimming: I learned front crawl late 2013 and have been practicing it since.
Skiing: Living in Östersund, skiing is a privilegie and a must. I prefer skating.
Running: A good run can really clear the mind.

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